Spring meeting 23.4.17

Spring meeting at Sunday 23th April at 5 pm at Folkhälsan, Raastuvankatu 25. The meeting will discuss and decide on items according to the bylaws. Coffee serving. Welcome!

Club Fenix

Club Fenix

 Party @ Fontana Bank Club 9th June 2017 at 22–04

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, Vaasa | Hovrättesesplanaden 15, Vasa  (2nd floor)

Club Fenix Valentine’s Day Party 10.2.2017

Club Fenix

Club Fenix

Valentine’s Day Party @ Fontana Bank Club 10th February 2017 at 22–04

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, Vaasa | Hovrättesesplanaden 15, Vasa  (2nd floor)

Entrance fee:

Normal price 8 €

Member price 5 €



Floorball continue

Floorball 9.2.2017 at 19.00–20.00 Steinerkoulu (Kirkkopuistikko 22, Vaasa)



Parties spring 2017

Vaasa Seta next parties will be on Fridays 10.2., 7.4. and 16.6.2017 22-04 o´clock at Fontana Bank Club. Address Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, 2nd floor.

Christmas party 10.12.2016

Vasa Seta is organizing a little christmas party 10.12 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the bar O’malleys sauna space at hotel Central’s down stairs floor. During the night we can hang out, use the saunas and swim in the pool. There is two separate saunas. Take your swim suit with you if you which to swim and cash to be able to buy drinks. The area is licensed premises so you can’t bring your own drinks. We will gather at 19.45 at the bar O’malleys wardrobe. If you arrive later call the organizations phone. The phone number is 040 521 0130. Welcome!

Bowling evening 28.10.2016

Bowling evening


Vaasa Seta will organize bowling evening on Friday 28th Oktober at 20-21 o’clock.

The place will be Vaasa Bowlinghall (Ruutikellarintie 2) same buildning as VAO and Vakk.

Let’s meet near the entrance 19.45 o’clock.

You don’t need to sign up beforehand. Vaasa Seta will pay the costs for bowling.



Party 18.11.2016


Party @ Fontana Bank Club 18th November 2016 at 22.00–04.00

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, Vaasa | Hovrättesesplanaden 15, Vasa  (2nd floor)

The next Vaasa Seta party will be on Friday 18th November 22-04 o’clock at Fontana Bank Club. The party is a traffic light party, which means that participnts, if they want to, can dress according to their relationship status in green, yellow or red. Green symbolize that you are single, yellow means “maybe, not impossible” and red means you are in a relationship. We will prepare badges in case someone can’t find clothes in the right colour at home. The entrance fee is 5 euros for members and 8 euros for non-members. The bar offer drinks to special prices! Welcome!


Youth group 16.10.2016

Youth group 16.10.2016 at 14.00–16.00

Youth group


Rainbow group 16.10.2016

Rainbow group 16.10.2016 at 16.00–18.00

Rainbow group